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New Listing: 480HP ISZ13 Cummin Engine with Euro V Emission Standard

April 2, 2017

Special for the main logistics transportation market, Cummins has listing one new engine model ISZ13 480 horsepower with high efficient economic.

Dongfeng ISZ480-51 Cummins engine, 480HP rated power with Euro V emissions standard, maximum torque can be up to 2330N.M, brings excellent power, fast start, fast climbing.

In view of the high efficiency of logistics transportation, adopt the advanced vehicle power matching technology, high average speed and low fuel consumption outstanding advantage on the ISZ480-51 Dongfeng Cummins engine.
In fact, what’s more the Dongfeng Cummings ISZ480 51 engine designed with ultra-high pressure (XPI) fuel injection system, the lowest fuel consumption as low as 185g/kw.h.

In order to achieve better fuel efficiency, this engine also comes standard with a EP saving switch, through the button to switch the fuel supplying mode, the driver can choose the model according to their willingness to fuel between two different engine operating mode switch, gear E is for saving fuel , gear P is for much more powerful.

Perfect fit dual chamber fuel tank, with fuel heating function, winter can burn diesel 0#.

0# diesel can be used in winter, compared to -35# liters per liter of diesel fuel savings of 1 yuan. Use 50 thousand kilometers per year, can save nearly 20000 yuan for the fuel.

40 thousand km vehicle consistency maintenance solution: both the ISZ complete engine and the key parts of the vehicle can enjoy 40,000 km consistency maintenance cycle.

Dongfeng Cummins is willing to superior quality and considerate after-sales service for our customers to bring greater operational value, with the strength to promote the continuous improvement of the overall level of engine products.

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