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Precautions for Preventing High Engine Temperature in Summer

June 6, 2017

1. Enough cooling water.

2. Thermostat
If the thermostat can not open the shutter in time, you must promptly replace it, and if it can not be timely replaced, the thermostat can be temporarily removed, never put the faulty thermostat on the outlet.

3. Pay attention to the reading of water temperature meter, not more than 95 Celsius.
In special circumstances, the cover can be lifted to facilitate ventilation and heat to strengthen the cooling air convection. If you find the water temperature over 95 Celsius, we must pay attention: avoid immediately opening the lid to add water. The correct way is to immediately open all the blinds to increase the air flow, until the water temperature is no longer boiling, and then use wet towel to do pad, unscrew radiator water cap, releasing the water vapor, open all after a moment. Your face should avoid the top of the nozzle to prevent hot water scald face. Then avoid immediately flaming out, maintaining idle operation, opening the blinds. If it has been turned off, you should immediately shake the handle with a crank to prevent sticky cylinder.

When the engine temperature is too high, avoid pouring engine with cold water. Some people forget to add the cooling water when starting, and start pouring cold water to the engine cylinder and cylinder head when the temperature is too high. This will cause the engine block burst, resulting in irreparable consequences.

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