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Cummins QSK 95 Engine- Most Powerful High-speed Diesel Engine on Locomotive

June 14, 2017

What is the work state of 40 years old locomotive? Great shaking? The red and white locomotive runs in the hills of Indiana and runs through the railway line of southwest and south of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. It can rival the new locomotive.

The secret is in the locomotive. This “old” locomotive of more than 40 years was equipped with a new Cummins QSK 95 engine last year, the locomotive has just completed the first year of operation in March 2017. It not only records running trajectory of about 3800 hours that it took the goods in the Indiana 500 miles railway, but also proves more powerfully the efficient traction capability of QSK 95 engine. After replacing the engine, the locomotive increased fuel economy by 16%, reduced nitrogen oxide emissions by 88%, and reduced particulate emissions by 98%. This engine has become the new darling of the passenger railway system and is the first single-load engine certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s EPA Tier4 standard.

This Cummins 95 liter 16-cylinder engine is currently the most powerful high-speed diesel engine installed on the locomotive. The use of cleaner, more efficient high-speed diesel engine to replace the old medium-speed diesel engine has become a recognized development trend. But the application of QSK 95 is by no means limited to this. As early as last year’s Hamburg International Maritime Exhibition, Cummins announced that the QSK 95 was used in the field of ships, installed to a 57 meters long double body transport ship. The QSK 95 marine engine also has the advantages of smaller size, lighter weight and better transient response while improving service levels compared to the mid-speed machines that offer the same power output.

The QSK 95 engine meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization Tier II rule with a power of 3200 hp to 4200 hp (2386-3132 kw) and produces 95 liters of displacement in a 78 liter container. The nested cylinder and a 60 degree V engine have a shorter, narrower engine body than other comparable displacement engines. In addition, the QSK 95 engine weighs only 13,000 kg, 25% to 70% lighter than the medium speed machine with the same output power.

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