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Reasons for Lack Power, Excessive Fuel Consumption, Black Smoke of Engine

May 25, 2017

The vehicle suddenly becomes underpowered in the process of driving , which not only cause unnecessary fuel consumption, also delay schedule.
There are many reasons for the sudden lack of power, two aspects are introduced here mainly from the air and oil channel.

1. Fuel filter clogged, injector wear
The main role of fuel filter is to remove debris in the fuel, to prevent the common rail system clogging, especially the nozzle. Good filterability of fuel filter can effectively reduce wear, to ensure stable operation of the engine to improve the reliability of the engine.
Damage to the injector can cause instability, difficult or black smoke acceleration of engine, and other failures, affecting the normal operation of the vehicle.

2. Too small gap or poor sealing, cylinder pressure relief, insufficient air supply
The valve is an important part of the engine, responsible for the air input and exhaust emission, so it is needed to check if the intake valve clearance is too small. If the intake valve gap is too small, the engine air supply is insufficient, causing incomplete fuel combustion, resulting in smaller power. If the valve seal is poor or the gap is too large, it is likely to cause cylinder pressure relief, which also will lead to vehicle power decline.

3. Insufficient air supply, insufficient fuel combustion
If vehicle intake system goes wrong, first check if intake pipe is broken or loose contact occurs, if intake pipe leaks, oxygen is in shortage in diesel engine cylinder, causing insufficient combustion, so the power will become smaller.
As the engine lung, air filter plays an important role, the filter will be covered with dust after use, filtration capacity decreased, it is easy to lead to too thick mixed gas to make the engine work abnormally, making worse dynamic performance. Daily cleaning and maintenance of the air filter is important, it should be replaced immediately if filter effect becomes poor.

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