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Feature of M11-C225 Cummins Construction Engine:
Advanced Technology, World Quality: Cummins leading technology, widely used on heavy truck in North American and European.
Super Power, Environmental Protection: Meet power and emission requirements of heavy truck, ensure higher reliability, durability, safety.
Low Fuel Consumption and Good Economy: PT fuel system, high pressure fuel injection, ensure good automization and full combustion.
Compact Structure, Easy Maintenance: All models are highly versatile, high serialization degree, easy maintenance. Replaceable wet cylinder liner, good heat dissipation, easy replacement
Mature Products, Reputation All Over The World: As main models of Cummins family, M11 engine attract customers with strong power, low fuel consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs.


Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing Cummins”) established in 1995, located in Chongqing City. It’s a modern manufacturer 50:50 Joint Venture shared by Chongqing Machinery CO., LTD and Cummins USA. It’s developed and designed according to the advanced heavy duty engine, good advantage on durability, fuel economy, large power, large torque, parts versatility.
The company mainly produces Cummins N, K, M series diesel engine, generator set and other power units, the engine power range 145KW-1343KW, with an annual capacity of 15000 sets. The product is suitable for large passenger cars, heavy trucks, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway machinery, port machinery, landbase generator set, ships, pump set and other auxiliary power unit.

Cummins M11-C225 Diesel Engine for Construction
Engine Model M11-C225
Rated Power 168kW
Rated Speed 2100RPM
Engine Type 6 Cylinders, in Line
Bore*Stroke(mm) 125mm*147mm
Displacement 10.8 L
Compression Ratio 16.1:1
Peak Torque 1031N.m @1300r/min
Fuel Consumption 41 L/hr
Aspiration Type Turbocharged & Aftercooled
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Start Type 24V, Electric Start
Fuel System Direct Injection Pump
Governor Method Mechanical Governor
Packing Weight 1400KG
Dimension 1700mm*1000mm*1550mm

If you need M11-C225 engine power pack with Radiator, Air Filter, Muffler, Engine Monitor, Engine Chassis, please further contact our sales.
(2) We can provide the M11-C225 complete engine, as well as the M11-C225 genuine Cummins engine spare parts.

(3) Cummins M11 Series Construction Engine Model: M11-C225, M11-C290, M11-C300, M11-C330, M11-C350, M11-C380.

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