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Recent hot news events, engine and generator related industry dynamics. In addition, in view of the problems that customers often encounter in the process of using the products, we have collected some typical cases and carried out our professional and detailed solutions.

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Xi’an Cummins

Ten years ago, China’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles – Shaanxi Auto Holdings and global power leader – Cummins work together to set up 50:50 ratio of joint venture Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., introducing Cummins ISM heavy-duty flagship engine into China, achieving successful realization of local production. Over the past decade, as heavy-duty diesel engine model, ISM series has …

Cummins Diesel Engine Powers SUNWIN Bus

SUNWIN bus delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai Haitong Pier not long ago. 122 double-front luxury pilgrims SWB6120A were delivered to Saudi Arabia, 300 10-meter school bus to the United Arab Emirates over the same period. West Asia’s high-temperature desert environment has high requirements on the vehicle quality, and because of the local sparsely populated, service facilities are few, so …

Cummins will Accelerate New Energy and Digital Layout

1) Core business Cummins will continue to focus on its core business markets – engines, power system, spare parts and distribution services. Our success in core business are common, such as Cummins’ largest engine platform – QSK95; the latest release of X15 series engines offering the best fuel economy and maintenance costs at the same level. This engine uses parts …

Cummins QSK 95 Series Diesel Generator Set Has Prominent Advantages

Recently, Pakistan PIBT coal, cement and clinker wharf was successfully opened by China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., entering the commercial operation stage. The wharf is currently Pakistan’s largest and most technologically advanced bulk cargo wharf, mainly for Pakistan’s imports of coal and export clinker and bulk cement. It is the Cummins Hulk “QSK 95” series generator set that provides common …

Cummins QSK 95 Engine- Most Powerful High-speed Diesel Engine on Locomotive

What is the work state of 40 years old locomotive? Great shaking? The red and white locomotive runs in the hills of Indiana and runs through the railway line of southwest and south of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. It can rival the new locomotive. The secret is in the locomotive. This “old” locomotive of more than 40 years was equipped …

How to Identify Fake Domestic Diesel Engine?

First check if there is factory certificate and product certification, they are the diesel engine factory “proof of identity”, which is necessary. And then check the three numbers on the certificate: 1) nameplate number; 2) engine body number ( generally on the plane of mechanical processing on the flywheel end, the font is convex); 3) pump nameplate number. Check the …

Futon Cummins ISF Was Awarded “The Most Trusted Fuel-efficient Light Engine in 2017”

With excellent overall performance, Futon Cummins ISF series light engine was awarded ” the most trusted fuel-efficient light engine among Chinese truck users in 2017″. In addition, Cummins also won the award “excellent innovative application engine brand in 2017”. In terms of product power, Futon Cummins 4-cylinder design of each cylinder effectively improves the volume / ventilation efficiency, the central …

LF2204 Wheeled Tractor Uses Dongfeng Cummins QSB Engine

With the accelerated process of agricultural mechanization in China, many large-scale farms’ requirements on the tractor power continue to increase, the demand of more than 200 horsepower heavy tractors is increasing. LF2204 wheeled tractor is a symbol of meeting China’s large-scale farms and high-end customers’ need on high-power wheeled tractor products. This tractor is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins QSB series …

Cummins ISM11 Engine’s Unique and Reliable Design

Cummins ISM11 engine has a highly efficient and simple machine structure and modular design, which can effectively reduce the weight and improve operational efficiency. Cylinder surface and the internal use reinforced design to ensure lightweight, also have a better strength and stiffness compared to competing products. Suspension type cylinder liner can prevent deformation of the cylinder, avoiding the abnormal wear …

ISF2.8 Provides Power for Futon Ollin CTS

Futon Cummins is one of the China’s largest light, medium and heavy diesel engine production bases. It produces Cummins ISF 2.8L, 3.8L and 4.5L series light and medium and ISG 11L, 12L series heavy duty diesel engine. Based on Cummins COS management philosophy, with advanced manufacturing execution system, leading hardware facilities, leading supply chain system and leading quality control system, …

Cummins ISDe Engine “The Most Reliable Medium-sized Engine in 2017”

With the excellent comprehensive performance, Dongfeng Cummins ISDe4.5 series medium-sized engine has gained good market reputation, which finally was awarded as “the most reliable medium-sized engine the Chinese truck users believe in 2017”, and it can be described as welcomed by the public. ISDe4.5 series engine has horsepower ranging from 140P to 180P, the torque ranging from 550 Nm to …

USA Cummins Imported Chongqing Cummins Parts

As we know, Chongqing Cummins Engine Co. received emergency order for 100 sets of K19 cylinder block from USA Cummins in February, 2016. The cylinder blocks were used for installation to sell globally. Chongqing Cummins paid high attention and made detailed arrangement, ensuring the timely production and shipping of 100 sets of cylinder blocks. The joint venture was established in …

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