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Causes of Black Smoke from Diesel Engine Exhaust

June 16, 2017

The black smoke in the exhaust gas is mainly the carbon particles of incomplete combustion. Incomplete fuel combustion will be caused by over-supply fuel of the fuel supply system, reduced amount of air in air intake system, poor sealing of combustion chamber composed of cylinder block, cylinder head and the piston, poor fuel injector and other factors, so black smoke will be emitted in the exhaust, exhaust black smoke has the following reasons:

1. Fuel supply in high-pressure fuel pump is too large or fuel supply in every cylinder is not uniform.
2. Valve seal is not strict, resulting in leakage, the cylinder compression pressure is low.
3. Air filter inlet obstruction and large intake resistance make the insufficient intake capacity.
4. Cylinder liner, piston, piston ring seriously wear.
5. The injector is working poorly.
6. The engine is overloaded.
7. Fuel pump fuel supply advance angle is too small, the combustion process works after the exhaust process.
8. EFI system fails.

The black smoke of the engine can be checked and solved by high pressure oil pump adjustment, injector spray test, cylinder compression pressure measurement, inlet cleaning, oil supply advance angle adjustment, EFI system fault diagnosis and other work.

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