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Recent hot news events, engine and generator related industry dynamics. In addition, in view of the problems that customers often encounter in the process of using the products, we have collected some typical cases and carried out some professional and detailed solutions.

  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Xi’an Cummins

    Ten years ago, China’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles – Shaanxi Auto Holdings and global power leader – Cummins work together to set up 50:50 ratio of joint venture Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., introducing Cummins ISM heavy-duty flagship engine into China, achieving successful realization of local production. Over the past decade, as heavy-duty diesel engine model, ISM series has …

  • Causes of Diesel Engine Exhaust White Smoke

    Diesel Engine exhaust white smoke is not fully atomized and burned fuel particles or water vapor, not atomized fuel or water into the cylinder will make the exhaust white smoke. The main reasons are the followings: 1. Low temperature and insufficient cylinder pressure, poor fuel atomization, especially initial period of the cold start; 2. Cylinder gasket damage, cooling water into …

  • Cummins Diesel Engine Powers SUNWIN Bus

    SUNWIN bus delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai Haitong Pier not long ago. 122 double-front luxury pilgrims SWB6120A were delivered to Saudi Arabia, 300 10-meter school bus to the United Arab Emirates over the same period. West Asia’s high-temperature desert environment has high requirements on the vehicle quality, and because of the local sparsely populated, service facilities are few, so …

  • Cummins will Accelerate New Energy and Digital Layout

    1) Core business Cummins will continue to focus on its core business markets – engines, power system, spare parts and distribution services. Our success in core business are common, such as Cummins’ largest engine platform – QSK95; the latest release of X15 series engines offering the best fuel economy and maintenance costs at the same level. This engine uses parts …

  • Causes of Black Smoke from Diesel Engine Exhaust

    The black smoke in the exhaust gas is mainly the carbon particles of incomplete combustion. Incomplete fuel combustion will be caused by over-supply fuel of the fuel supply system, reduced amount of air in air intake system, poor sealing of combustion chamber composed of cylinder block, cylinder head and the piston, poor fuel injector and other factors, so black smoke …

  • Cummins QSK 95 Series Diesel Generator Set Has Prominent Advantages

    Recently, Pakistan PIBT coal, cement and clinker wharf was successfully opened by China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., entering the commercial operation stage. The wharf is currently Pakistan’s largest and most technologically advanced bulk cargo wharf, mainly for Pakistan’s imports of coal and export clinker and bulk cement. It is the Cummins Hulk “QSK 95” series generator set that provides common …

  • Cummins QSK 95 Engine- Most Powerful High-speed Diesel Engine on Locomotive

    What is the work state of 40 years old locomotive? Great shaking? The red and white locomotive runs in the hills of Indiana and runs through the railway line of southwest and south of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. It can rival the new locomotive. The secret is in the locomotive. This “old” locomotive of more than 40 years was equipped …

  • How to Identify Fake Domestic Diesel Engine?

    First check if there is factory certificate and product certification, they are the diesel engine factory “proof of identity”, which is necessary. And then check the three numbers on the certificate: 1) nameplate number; 2) engine body number ( generally on the plane of mechanical processing on the flywheel end, the font is convex); 3) pump nameplate number. Check the …

  • Precautions for Preventing High Engine Temperature in Summer

    1. Enough cooling water. 2. Thermostat If the thermostat can not open the shutter in time, you must promptly replace it, and if it can not be timely replaced, the thermostat can be temporarily removed, never put the faulty thermostat on the outlet. 3. Pay attention to the reading of water temperature meter, not more than 95 Celsius. In special …

  • Reasons for Lack Power, Excessive Fuel Consumption, Black Smoke of Engine

    The vehicle suddenly becomes underpowered in the process of driving , which not only cause unnecessary fuel consumption, also delay schedule. There are many reasons for the sudden lack of power, two aspects are introduced here mainly from the air and oil channel. 1. Fuel filter clogged, injector wear The main role of fuel filter is to remove debris in …

  • Fuel Saving Techniques

    7. Learn to safely slide In the driving, slide means running is continued by the kinetic energy of the vehicle or downhill potential energy. When gear sliding, the engine consumes no fuel, neutral gear sliding can make the vehicle sliding farther. 8. High-gear driving saves fuel In general, it is recommended to drive at high gear as far as possible …

  • Fuel Saving Techniques

    The largest proportion of operating costs is fuel consumption or transport, so it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption to lower operating costs. Here are some fuel saving techniques: 1. Softly start Slowly step on the throttle, slowly accelerate. Gradually put the gear from low to high, which reduces the engine heating time, saving fuel consumption. 2. Run at economic speed …

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