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Cummins Diesel Engine Powers SUNWIN Bus

June 26, 2017

SUNWIN bus delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai Haitong Pier not long ago. 122 double-front luxury pilgrims SWB6120A were delivered to Saudi Arabia, 300 10-meter school bus to the United Arab Emirates over the same period.

West Asia’s high-temperature desert environment has high requirements on the vehicle quality, and because of the local sparsely populated, service facilities are few, so Cummins engine with excellent reliability has become the “warrior” strong core. The delivered 422 buses all used Dongfeng Cummins engine: 122 dual-front luxury pilfer car SWB6120A are equipped with Cummins ISL8.9 liters engine, the engine is a main product for large and medium-sized passenger car, mainly used in the 12-meter bus, with its strong power, low operating costs, low failure rate, it has been recognized by a large number of domestic vehicle enterprises since it was publicized. 300 10-meter school bus to UAE are equipped with Cummins ISD6.7 engine, with good reliability, low fuel consumption, good reputation, these buses sold well in the countries along “One Belt, One Road”, which got trust from users.

Shanghai SUNWIN overseas market technology application engineers said that for so many years, Shanghai SUNWIN bus has been preferred to use the Cummins engine, one is that based on reliable Cummins product quality, Cummins engines are recognized by overseas customers in the overseas market, forming a strong brand effect; the second is in the after-sales service, Cummins perfect global service network ensures timely and convenient service for users.

The participating SUNWIN dealer said that Cummins engine is almost a power standard in the overseas bus market, Cummins has power technology support capability, ISL 8.9 liters engine has a good user reputation and high market sales in Saudi Arabia, the engine is more convenient in maintenance, many engines maintenance cycle reaches 5 thousand kilometers, while the Cummins engine maintenance cycle reaches 20,000 km; it has better economy, better fuel-efficiency, a major guarantee for “energy-saving emission reduction” work.

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