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Fuel Saving Techniques

May 22, 2017

The largest proportion of operating costs is fuel consumption or transport, so it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption to lower operating costs. Here are some fuel saving techniques:

1. Softly start
Slowly step on the throttle, slowly accelerate. Gradually put the gear from low to high, which reduces the engine heating time, saving fuel consumption.

2. Run at economic speed
Driving at the economic speed of the vehicle design is another way to save fuel, and it will increase fuel consumption at below or above this speed. When the vehicle is running at the economic speed, it is the most fuel-efficient.

3. Lightly lift the throttle
Lightly lifting the throttle can save fuel, if fiercely, it will suddenly reduce the engine speed and play a drag effect, offsetting part of the driving inertia, and the vehicle has a “quiver”, increasing fuel consumption.

4. Timely shift the gear
The gearshift need be fast and timely, especially on the ramp, the shorter the time is, the better the vehicle’s power is, and the more fuel it can save.

5. Keep the distance from another vehicle
If congestion occurs, and the front vehicle often brake, it is needed to keep enough distance, so that you can either slow down, but also can reduce the number of braking to achieve fuel-efficient purposes.

6. Reduce the use of brake
Brake is essentially a process of energy conversion, braking means energy consumption. So when it is the intersection and downhill, the throttle should be lifted in advance, so that the natural slowdown can be done to achieve “to replace the brake with slip”.

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