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Performance Advantages of Cummins ISF4.5L Engine

March 13, 2017

ISF4.5L engine has combined advanced R&D resources of US, Britain, and China, produced by the Futon Cummins. And it has surpassed traditional four-cylinder engine, comparable to the low horsepower six-cylinder engine in the aspects of power, reliability, efficiency, which can be said to be an epoch-making product.
1) Super powerful
• Dry weight of 330KG, 30% lighter than similar four-cylinder engines
• Modular design, 40% reduction in parts
• Maximum power up to 210hp, high combustion pressure and sufficient power
• Maximum torque of 760N.m, a wide range of covering, full speed range higher than competitors
• Low speed, high torque, fast response, strong climbing ability
2) Super reliable
ISF3.8 series creates light engine record of a million km without overhaul, 2 times more than the same type of engines; ISF4.5L series will achieve a higher no-overhaul record, highlight super reliable and durable quality
• It strictly follow Cummins global quality system and manufacturing standards, passing reliable durability test of 2 million kilometers of harsh road
• It passes harsh high-temperature, low-temperature and high-altitude test, no power drop below 2000m, normally work at 5200m
• High starting performance, Cummins electronically-controlled cold start control, smooth start at ambient temperature of -40 ℃ (equipped with coolant and oil heater)
3) Super economic
• Modular and lightweight design, 40% less parts, low spare parts maintenance cost, Cummins unique system integration technology, obvious fuel-efficient effect
• The increase of 14L oil pan, an average of 40,000 km maintenance mileage (4 times higher than competing products, maintenance costs of per kilometer only 1/4 of similar products)
• Optimized fuel economy technology, best fuel efficiency, fuel economy up to 2-5%; less repair, efficient working
• Long-term stable operation and maximized recovery costs during replacement

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