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Fuel Saving Techniques

May 23, 2017

7. Learn to safely slide
In the driving, slide means running is continued by the kinetic energy of the vehicle or downhill potential energy. When gear sliding, the engine consumes no fuel, neutral gear sliding can make the vehicle sliding farther.

8. High-gear driving saves fuel
In general, it is recommended to drive at high gear as far as possible and less middle gear. Good driving habits can save a lot of fuel, making fuel consumption more scientific and reasonable.

9. Steadily start and stop
It is needed to lightly step when starting, stopping and stepping on throttle. Strongly stepping on the throttle will greatly increase fuel consumption.

10. Moderately warm the vehicle up
It is best to keep the vehicle smoothly running 3-5 km at a low speed 3-5 km, warming up the vehicle. Too long warming up is undoubtedly fuel waste, while the cold car driving will increase fuel costs, also lead to increased maintenance costs.

11. High-gear and low-speed driving
The vehicle moves at high gear as far as possible, while maintaining low speed (1200-1350rpm), because it is undoubtedly waste for the engine at the unnecessary high-speed operation.

12. Resort to the remaining power
See the red light on or drive out of the highway, the slowdown is needed, and the vehicle can slide forward by the remaining power of the engine. If it is still accelerated to the last minute before the sudden brake, not only fuel consumption can be increased, but the wear of the brake pads will be increased.

13. Choose the correct engine
Dongfeng Cummins engine has higher high pressure common rail fuel injection pressure, which makes fuel combustion more fully, fuel economy higher, together with wider economic fuel consumption speed zone and matching advanced four-valve technology.

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