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Futon Cummins ISF Was Awarded “The Most Trusted Fuel-efficient Light Engine in 2017”

May 19, 2017

With excellent overall performance, Futon Cummins ISF series light engine was awarded ” the most trusted fuel-efficient light engine among Chinese truck users in 2017″. In addition, Cummins also won the award “excellent innovative application engine brand in 2017”.

In terms of product power, Futon Cummins 4-cylinder design of each cylinder effectively improves the volume / ventilation efficiency, the central fuel injector layout is more conducive to oil and gas mixing, combined with high pressure common rail fuel system and Cummins International leading combustion development technology, effectively guaranteeing that the machine can produce higher power and torque, the maximum power and rise in torque are in the international leading level.

In terms of fuel consumption, among the same level of emissions models, Futon Cummins ISF engine uses synthetic valve chamber cover and oil pan, effectively reducing the weight of the whole engine, thereby reducing fuel consumption; the 4-valve per cylinder design improves the intake efficiency and reduces fuel consumption; In addition, combined with high pressure common rail fuel system, Cummins leading combustion optimization technology and electronic control technology greatly reduce fuel consumption, so the engine can achieve the best fuel efficiency.

The main spare parts of this engine are supplied by high quality international suppliers, which are purchased by Cummins Global Supply Chain to ensure the quality of parts. The engine uses the overall cylinder block and cylinder head design, achieving higher strength and higher stability. Five key systems are highly integrated, with ECM electronic modules for optimal performance. In the fully enclosed air-conditioning workshop, its uses the mechanical assembly to control all the bolt torque and other control requirements, B10 life of 500,000 km is more than twice the same type engine.

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