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Cummins Technology Boosts Oil and Gas Field Equipment Upgrades

March 15, 2017

Cummins has developed a full range of exclusive power products for oil and gas field applications. It is suitable for high-end equipment, such as fracturing vehicles, cementing vehicles, blasting vehicles, mud pumps, mechanical drilling rigs, electric drilling rigs and well rigs. The structure is compact, power density is high, and power is strong.
Intelligent engine electronic control system coordinately integrates and the host system, which is cost-effective, safe and reliable, achieving remote monitoring and diagnosis. Cummins advanced emission handling system is mature in technology, energy saving and environmental, and strong in oil adaptability.
Cummins professional and thoughtful relay service considers troubleshoot as the first priority, when the device moves, it is information sharing, quick responding along the regions to provide customers with the best guarantee in all directions.
Cummins is the main supplier of power equipment in North America’s largest Marcelos shale gas field. There are nearly 300 fracturing equipment equipped with Cummins dual fuel engine in the United States. Cummins QSK50 dual fuel high-powered engine can be diesel-powered, also mixed fuel of diesel and natural gas drive, the replacement rate can be up to 70%, saving fuel costs by nearly 40%. Cummins uses a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions to meet the US EPA’s non-road second stage emission standards.

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