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Cummins ISM11 Engine’s Unique and Reliable Design

May 15, 2017

Cummins ISM11 engine has a highly efficient and simple machine structure and modular design, which can effectively reduce the weight and improve operational efficiency. Cylinder surface and the internal use reinforced design to ensure lightweight, also have a better strength and stiffness compared to competing products. Suspension type cylinder liner can prevent deformation of the cylinder, avoiding the abnormal wear between the piston components and cylinder. Articulated piston can withstand higher mechanical load and heat load, preventing cold knock cylinder and hot cylinder.
In addition, Cummins ISM11 engine, combination design of oil thermostat, radiator and radiator bypass valve ensures optimal engine working conditions, effectively extending the oil replacement cycle.Better than the industry’s intake heating device, ISM11 engines can start easily at -45 Celsius. Pressurization system four step valve can improve the turbocharger response speed, preventing supercharger overheating and abnormal wear, improving the life of the engine.
Whether it is in the snow-capped snowy area, or in the sandy northwest area, with reliable quality and excellent performance, Xi’an Cummins ISM engine is world-renowned. B10 engine’s design life can be up to 200 million kilometers, without overhaul in 450 billion kilometers, which has established industry benchmark, help efficient operation. Numerous customers around the world witnessed the high reliability of this engine through their own personal experience, which fully proved that the Cummins ISM engine is indeed a rare classic products.

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