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Another Five Causes and Solutions of Abnormal Oil Performance

May 17, 2017

6. Lax piston ring sealing and cylinder leakage result in too large crankcase ventilation, and the oil is expelled out with the ventilation, which will lead to high oil temperature.
Regularly check the piston ring and cylinder seal to avoid leakage, once occurred, replace or repair in time.

7. Too large bearing gap and too much leaking oil result in too low oil pressure, unable to form normal oil film, which causes increased wear, the surface’s friction ablation seriously.
To ensure that the gap between the bearing and journal is just well, repair in time if the problem occurs.

8. Heavy engine load results in too high water temperature and oil temperature.
Reasonably use the engine to avoid its overload operation, especially overload operation for a long time, such as: overload transport, long overloading transport, machines need rest time to work better like people.

9. Engine assembly is too tight, large friction resistance results in high heat, also high oil temperature. As the oil heat load increases, the temperature is too high.
If it is a new auto or such a problem occurs in engine overhaul, it can be resolved after general run for a period of time. If it is the same after running, then it is a need to repair it.

10. The use of improper oil or poor oil result in large oil impurities, which will produce more heat in the friction, resulting in rising oil temperature.
Reasonably choose oil of correct level and viscosity, it is recommended to buy from Dongfeng Cummins local service stations and other formal channels, do not seek cheap to buy inferior products, which will cause indelible damage to the vehicle.

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