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The Five Causes and Solutions of Abnormal Oil Performance

May 16, 2017

1. Insufficient oil or high liquid level causes the oil temperature to be too high.
To ensure adequate engine running oil, to ensure the oil level on the scale line of oil scale in the routine maintenance process.

2. Oil pump failure and insufficient pump oil result in insufficient oil pressure and poor heat dissipation.
Pay close attention to oil pressure gauge, for the electronic controlled engine, if the oil pressure is too low, the dashboard will have a corresponding low oil pressure alarm, if the oil pump fails, better to ask professional repair staff for help, do not disassemble casually.

3. If diesel engine cooling water temperature is too high, the parts can not be timely cooled, too high hot parts temperature will lead to higher oil temperature.
Regularly check water pump, oil cooler and other important components of the cooling system, to ensure that the engine cooling system can be used normally.

4. Blocked oil cooler and insufficient oil pressure can not achieve normal heat dissipation, it may also lead to too high oil temperature.
Often check the oil cooler, find the problem in time and repair or replace.

5. If oil filter is plugged, the oil will pass through the bypass valve directly into the main oil channel. And the impurities in the oil will exacerbate the engine wear.
Regularly clean the oil filter, replace the filter element, to ensure that it can work properly.

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