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Several Influential Factors of Fuel Consumption

May 9, 2017

As the core and key to the power output of the vehicle, the engine life is inextricably linked to the fuel consumption.
1) Filter element: if the air filter clogs or excessive dust accumulates, it will cause the engine intake resistance too high, resulting in insufficient engine intake, reducing combustion efficiency. Due to poor operating conditions of vehicles, air filter daily inspection is particularly important.
2) Regular replacement of oil: there is a rapid relative sliding between the engine piston and cylinder, oil plays a role in setting up the oil film to prevent the early wear of the engine.
If the cylinder components wear, the cylinder compression pressure must be reduced, the fuel combustion environment becomes bad, which will significantly increase fuel consumption. Therefore, maintaining a reasonable oil replacement is conducive to reducing fuel consumption and extend the engine life.

3) Alternator working state: the function of alternator is power supply to all electrical equipment (except starter motor), and charges the battery in the normal operation of the engine (above idle speed). Engine failure or long-term use of high-power electrical equipment will increase the engine load, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

4) Valve clearance: if too large engine valve clearance will cause insufficient intake and reduced exhaust, increasing the impact, speeding up the wear, affecting the engine power and other performance. Too small engine valve clearance will lead directly to insufficient cylinder compression pressure, thereby reducing the engine power, so that the engine is in a passive state, seriously causing start difficulties (insufficient pressure, difficult for compression ignition). Meanwhile, too small valve clearance will lead to incomplete flammable mixed gas combustion, reducing fuel economy.

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