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2019 EU Stage V Non-road Emission Standard

March 13, 2017

2019 EU Stage V is the strictest non-road emission standard today. And the measurement of particle emission is more stringent, the measurement limits are adjusted from the weight of the particles to the number of particles (1012 kilowatt/hour). As a result, the role of diesel particle filter is even more important, effectively removing 99.9% of the particles.
For Cummins 4-cylinder F3.8, B4.5 series and 6-cylinder B6.7, L9 series in the new “extreme clean” Stage V non-road engines, the power ranges from 100HP to 430HP (75KW to 321KW). Using Cummins Single ModuleTM, advanced single-cylinder packaging technology cleverly integrating DPF, SCR and urea injection system together, without the need to install EGR post-processing device (referred to as EGR-Free), to avoid too much cooling device, the structure is more compact, the size of the installation can save 50% and weight 30% compared to the previous stage, providing a better choice for compact construction equipment in small spaces. And, Cummins Stage V engine can withstand 5000 ppm of oil sulfur content, oil adaptability becomes stronger.
Compared with the previous stage, Cummins upgraded Stage V engine can increase the power by 10% in the same conditions of use, torque by 20%, fuel consumption reduced by 3%, oil change cycle extended to 1000 hours, so the engine can save more costs. For upgraded F3.8 Stage V, the power will be increased from 130HP (97KW) in the fourth stage to 155HP (116KW), the maximum torque increased by more than 20% up to 600N.m. B4.5 Stage V power is raised from 173HP (129KW) to 200HP (149KW) with torque up to 780 N.m. B6.7 Stage V power will be increased to 326HP (243KW), torque increased by more than 30% up to 1375 N.m. L9 Stage V power will be raised from 400HP (298KW) to 430HP(321KW) with torque up to 1846 N.m.

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