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Cummins Achievements of Tier 4 Final Power Upgrade Projects

March 15, 2017

Since Cummins introduced the Tier 4 Final power solution years ago, 640 upgrade projects have been successfully completed, and the engineering and technical capabilities are second to none. Cummins focuses on product development and application support, serving OEMs around the world, and is widely available in North America, Europe and Korea, China and Japan.
As the largest supplier of Tier 4 products, the most experienced engine manufacturers, Cummins provides power upgrades for more than 300 OEMs Tier 4 Final equipments, and the scopes of application cover construction machinery, material handling equipment, mining machinery and other different areas. There will be more OEMs into the Tier 4 Final upgrade phase this year, engineering improvement program will also be more standardized and flexible to meet the needs of the market. Compared with the Tier 3 stage, the Cummins Tier 4 engine is more fuel-efficient, saving fuel by 5% to 8%, with lower noise, better operation stability, and high praise from customers after using. So far, Cummins has more than 160,000 Tier 4 Final engines on the market and will continue to contribute to CO2 reduction and cost savings.
In the 2017 ConExpo live Tier 4 Final display equipment, Cummins power supporting has the highest proportion and varied equipment types, including excavators, rotary driller, planer, skid steer loader, paver, telescopic arm forklift trucks and cranes, etc., which reflects the strong technical strength of Cummins. Cummins has the capabilities of the design, development and highly integrated critical subsystems from intake to post-discharge processing, and is able to seamlessly match with main engine devices to provide a more efficient and high-value investment return for end users.

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